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bei jing: xia zhou, zui di ye wen jiang dao 10 yi xia. bei jing chen bao ji zhe wang hai liang dong zhi, yang guang bei wu yun zhe dang, guang xian rou he, han feng chui bian quan cheng. dan shi leng kong qi de li liang jin tian jiang zhen zheng xian xian chu lai. jin tian, you gao da 7 ji de zhen feng, qi wen ye jiang" shun shi er xia", bai tian de zui gao wen du zhi you 1 she shi du." wen nuan" le da yue yi ge xing qi, leng kong qi lai le. zuo tian 16: 30 fa chu le lan se da feng jing gao xin hao. cong zuo wan dao jin chen, 4 ji bei feng long zhao zhe shou du, ping yuan di qu you 7 ji da feng, shan qu you 89 ji da feng. ren men chu men shi yao zhu yi fang feng. yu ci tong shi, qi wen ji ju xia jiang. bai tian zui gao qi wen yi jiang zhi 1 she shi du, jin wan zui di qi wen jin wei 9 she shi du. xia zhou, leng kong qi jiang cheng wei shou du de chang ke, jiang wen fei chang ming xian, bing ban you bei feng ping yuan di qu bai tian zui gao qi wen jiang zai ci jiang dao bing dian yi xia, zui di qi wen i wan shang hui zai ci jiang dao 10 yi xia. yu ji zui leng de shi jian shi xia zhou si he zhou wu, xia zhou san dao zhou wu, bai tian zui gao qi wen zhi you 2 dao 3 she shi du, wan shang zui di qi wen shi xia zhou wu de 11 she shi du. bei jing qi xiang tai de zhuan jia shuo, xia zhou de jiang wen yu ben yue chu e lie de tian qi dai lai de" chi xu bing dong" han chao you xu duo xiang si zhi chu, shi min de peng you men bi xu chong xin zhen zuo qi lai, nu li fang han bao nuan. gen ju bei jing qi xiang tai ti gong de zi liao, nan jiao tian wen tai zi 1981 nian yi lai, 12 yue xia xun de zui di wen du wei 13. 7, chu xian zai 2012 nian 12 yue 24 ri. zi gai zhan jian cheng yi lai, tong qi de zui di wen du wei 18. 3, chu xian zai 1966 nian 12 yue 27 ri. qu nian 12 yue di, bei jing zui leng de shi hou zhi you 7. 1 she shi du. zi liao lai yuan: zhang yu, bei jing chen bao zhu bian



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    On the evening of July 30, 2018, four men and a teenage girl Xiong Mou in Daoxian County, Yongzhou City, Hunan Province, drank in a bar and took the latter to a hotel to open a room a丑女无敌第四季下载_高鹰生殖中心nd raped him while the latter was drunk. After investigation, four men were comrades-in-arms. On the day of the incident, the victim Xiong Mou was in a physiological period. After the trial, the court held that four defendants who gang-raped minors should be new blash_高鹰生殖中心given heavier punishment and sentenced four of them, such as Tang Mou, to imprisonment ranging from seven to ten years. One case of rape in Daoxian County, Hunan Province, has attracted public attention in recent days. According to media reports, four men gang raped a minor girl and were sentenced to life imprisonment ranging from seven to ten years. After the case was exposed, it immediately sparked controversy on the Internet. Many netizens questioned the court's lighter sentencing. However, according to the latest notice of Yongzhou Intermediate People's Court, all four men have appealed. Four Gang rapes 雷政富 ed2k_高鹰生殖中心of minor girls were reported to have occurred on 30 July 2018. At about 9 o'clock that night, the four defendants and the victim Xiong Mou drank in the bar where the defendant Tang Mouping worked. At 23:00, while the victim Xiong Mou was not conscious of being drunk, the four defendants discussed taking the victim Xiong Mou to the hotel to open a room and have sexual relations with him. Later, Chen Moulin and Yang Mouyun took Xiong Mou to room 8508 of a hotel in Daoxian County by taxi. Yang Mouyun used Wechat to tell Jiang Mouxuan and Tang Mouping the location of the hotel room address. Subsequently, the defendant Jiang Mouxuan rode a motorcycle to buy two boxes of condoms to the room. It is understood that Xiong Mou was menstruating at that time. The defendants Chen Moulin, Yang Mouyun and Jiang Mouxuan had sexual relations with the victim Xiong Mou respectively. At about 1 a.m. the next morning, Tang Mouping came to the room and had sex with the victim, Xiong Mouping, who was still drunk. Court decision of the first trial: after the four defendants Chen Moulin, Yang Moyun and Jiang Moxuan left the room, the defendant Tang Mouping and the victim Xiong Mouxuan remained in the room. At 6:00 on 31st, the victim Xiong Mouping told his friend Xiong Mou and his friend about his rape to come to the room and ask the defendant Tang Mouping not to leave and call the police. The public security police arrested the defendant Tang Mouping in the room. Be brought to justice. After the court hearing, the defendants Jiang Mouxuan, Chen Moulin, Yang Mouyun and Tang Mouping ignored the national law, took advantage of the drunken state of the victim Xiong Mou, violated the will of women and forced sexual relations with the minor victim Xiong Mou successively, and their acts constituted rape. The defendant who gang-rapes minors shall be given a heavier punishment. The media quoted official Wechat public information of Daoxian Political and Law Commission as saying that the Daoxian Peopljiuqvgan_高鹰生殖中心e's Court recently concluded a gang rape case. The defendants Chen Moulin, Jiang Moxuan, Yang Mouyun and Tang Mouping were convicted of rape and sentenced to life imprisonment ranging from seven to ten years. Netizens: This is also a heavier punishment? Gang rape of minors, only less than 10 years in prison? Once the incident was exposed, many netizens discussed it. Many netizens believe that the court's judgment is too light for such a bad act. Is sentencing appropriate at first instance? In this case, is the result of the court's first instance decision questionable? Are the血族之我是帝王_高鹰生殖中心 sentencing results of seven to ten years too light? According to Anxiang, director of Beijing Dexiang Law Firm, gang rape is an aggravating circumstance in the sentencing of rape, and should be sentenced to more than 10 years'imprisonment, life imprisonment or death penalty. "In this case, there are no other statutory circumstances in which the defendant should be dealt with lightly. On the contrary, gang rape and the victim is a minor. Although they may not belong to a young girl, they are also subjecti菲女孩患早衰症_高鹰生殖中心vely vicious and socially harmful. They should be given a heavier punishment within the sentencing scope of aggravating the circumstances." Anxiang said. In addition, Anxiang also told reporters that according to the Criminal Procedure Law, the procuratorate should file a protest according to its functions and powers, and the victim has the right to apply to the procuratorate to file a protest. The court of first instance adjudication and the people's court at a higher level also have the responsibility to correct the errors in the first instance adjudication on their own initiative. "It is suggested that the parties and judicial organs should correctly and actively apply the law, correct the wrong judgments in the first instance according to law, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of minors, and investigate and deal with the